Premium support

WordPress experts and premium support at your service

When you need help we are there for you , customer support is everything.

Our WordPress experts can help you with any problem you might have with your WordPress installation.
Get your premium support including support via:

  • Teamviewer
    We can solve your problem while we are connected via teamviewer
  • Hands-on via WordPress login
    With a temporary admin login on WordPress we can investigate and solve the problem more efficient.
  • Hands-on via ssh login
    If it is necessary to change files on your vps we can login via ssh if possible to correct the problem directly.
    Most of the time this is necessary when WordPress is not responsive because a server error blocks execution.
  • Hands-on via ftp login
    Most of the time this is necessary when manually update or disable a plugin is required.
  • Our ticket system
    You can request support via our ticket system.
  • Our online chat
    When you have questions about configuration of your WordPress installation this is the quickest way to ask.
  • Email
    When you want to ask questions that you don’t need an answer right away for.